"It's all trash!"

The purpose behind this page is to provide a home for everything I feel doesn't really need an entire page dedicated to it. You might find some long-since-dead projects, ancient website templates, or some other junk I have laying around and feel like sharing with the world for one reason or another. Not everything on this page is necessarily made by me, but I either have permission to share it, or there's nothing prohibiting me from doing so.

Free Website Templates/Layouts:

Under Construction | (Simple HTML "Under Construction" page. EZ-PZ.)

SUOMI (Boing!) | (Fun "Find me" style page. Image links are broken, so you'll need to fix before using.)

Weeb | (Simple "Find me" style page.)

Simbly ebig :DD | (SEIZURE WARNING - A page that has a rapidly strobing background with a centred image.)

PURPLEBLEP V1 | ("Find me" style page with a slide-show background.)

Hotel Goldfish | (100% English translated Hotelli Kultakala website layout from 2001. Screenshots here.)

Book Releases:

Kultakala Kasikirja | (Video Format)

Just Another Day : The Story of Habbo Hotel | (Video Format)

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