"What do you mean it's all garbage?!"

Welcome to my dumping ground. There's not much here at the moment, but expect me to post old website layouts, downloads, links to my profiles elsewhere, and basically whatever else I feel like here in the future.

Website Layouts, Tinkering Projects, Other Webdev Junk:

Hotel Goldfish A complete English translation of the Hotelli Kultakala (pre-Habbo Hotel) website layout, images and all. Threw this together for fun a long time ago.

Other Places You Can Find Me:

Newgrounds Newgrounds is by far one of my favourite places on the web. I've come back to this place so many times over the years that I sometimes question if I ever really leave the place. Twitter A horrible dump of a microblogging platform that used to be cool years ago. I've been here since 2007, but I don't post very frequently anymore. Pastebin A pastebin. No, the Pastebin. I've been using this site forever (we're talking pre-domain buyout years!) and I sometimes dump stuff on here. YouTube My ancient YouTube channel from 2005 that I rarely upload anything to, but when I do, it's usually boring. Pillowfort Weird little blogging platform I was recently invited to. Not sure if I'll use it much, but here it is. spacehey Remember myspace? It's basically myspace. Sheezy Sort of like DeviantArt, but small and independently owned.