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Welcome to the "Other Stuff" page!

The purpose behind this page is to provide a home for everything I feel doesn't really need an entire page dedicated to it. You can expect to maybe find links to old projects, socialmedia junk, or other misc stuff lurking on them. This page is probably going to be an unfinished mess 99% of the time, but either way, enjoy!

Free Website Templates/Layouts:

All of these layouts are of varying age and level of quality. Some of these were made by me, some were made by friends. Some were used once upon a time for various projects, others were failed experiments that are being released because I have no further use for them - It's a pretty mixed bag, so feel free to have a mooch through them to see if there's of anything of use to you. All layouts are 100% free to use and modify with credit.

Under Construction | (Simple HTML "Under Construction" page. EZ-PZ)

SUOMI (Boing!) | (Fun "Find me" style page. Image links are broken, so you'll need to fix before using.)

Weeb | (Simple "Find me" style page. Live (modified) example here.)

Simbly ebig :DD | (SEIZURE WARNING - A page that has a rapidly strobing background with a centred image.)

PURPLEBLEP V1 | ("Find me" style page with a slide-show background.)

Hotel Goldfish | (100% English translated Hotelli Kultakala website layout from 2001. Screenshots here.)

Various Retro Hotel Stuff:




Friends Sites:


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