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New Site, Peelopaalu Update, and More! | [22/DEC/2019]

Welcome to the new and (slightly) improved! This site is best viewed on a PC as laptops will squish images, crush my navigator, and make the site overall unbearable to browse. I'd like to say that this is intentional and I've done this the way I have to rebel against the modern mobile-friendly web or something but it's totally just because I got lazy and can't be bothered to do it any other way when 99% of the people viewing this site are doing so on a screen that is larger than 1280x720 anyways.

I put this site together recently as I felt it would be handy to have a centralised place to link to all of my projects, socialmedia, and other bits and pieces in case anyone wants to reach out to me for whatever reason, or if they just want to see what it is I do exactly.

I'm currently in the middle of a rather stressful house move after returning to the UK from Australia on the 26th of November, so updates on my projects have been slow these last few months. I'm currently trying to sort out bills, move house, hunt for a job (if you think I might be worth hiring, drop me a line), plan what to do later down the line for my other half's visa, (etc.) so it's safe to say that my main priority right now is sorting things out in my personal life before focusing on my hobbies and projects.

If you're following Peelopaalu, the good news in that department is that (with the help of RSA), the site is going to be receiving a major update in the coming weeks in order to make it easier to update in future along with the added bonus of making it slightly more light-weight and mobile-friendly so you can look at weird links while on the go if you so please, which should be pretty great.

Big thanks to everyone who's sent an email my way in the last month either sharing your love for Peelopaalu, or just to let me know that you're understanding of why updates are a bit slow lately. I read and respond to every single email that is sent my way, and hearing from you guys is always a blast.

Have a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a great New Year!


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First Ever Blog Post | [04/DEC/2019]

First blogpost is first. That is all.


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