Get in Touch

Want to get in touch elsewhere but don't want to email me for whatever reason? That's cool, I'm usually open to accepting friend requests and PM's. Drop me a line at any of the websites below.

My Profiles:

Newgrounds The original Flash portal. Home to some of the most creative people on the internet and all of your favourite shitty Flash animations and games from 2008. Twitter A horrible shithole of a microblogging platform that used to be cool 10+ years ago. I've been here since 2007, but I rarely post anything anymore. Pastebin A pastebin. No, the Pastebin. I sometimes dump old projects here, but I'm mostly inactive these days. YouTube My ancient YouTube channel from 2005 that I rarely upload anything to, but when I do, it's usually unscripted rant-like videos about topics I'm interested in, or just spur the moment videos about random things I feel like sharing with friends.


snoop|at| Escargot is a revival of the now-dead 2009 era WLM/MSN. It's easy to set up for Windows users, and you can connect with me on there pretty easily. Replace the |at| with @ when sending me a contact request.