Purp's Pick n' Stick | /mlp/ Sticker Store

Purp's Pick n' Stick is a store I started with my wife in 2022 to offer stickers for sale to users of 4chan's /mlp/ board. We've had pretty decent success with our first runs so far, and we have plans to expand into hoodies and perhaps even enamel pin badges sometime in the future. There's usually a slight hiatus between product reveals and releases, but when we do come out with something, we like to deliver the highest quality products we possibly can. If you're a nor/mlp/erson, keep an eye on this one! We might do some stuff for your general next!


Peelopaalu | Link Directory

Peelopaalu is a link directory I created for my own personal use back in 2019 in an attempt to list some of the obscure stuff I come across while surfing the web. Despite never being originally intended for public viewing, after much encouragement (see: pestering) from a close friend, I decided to put it up on Neocities.

Within the first day, Peelopaalu gained over 2,000 unique visitors, and by the end of the week, it was crawling steadily towards 10,000. As of April 2020, Peelopaalu is home to almost 500 interesting links and has been visited by over 50,000 people from all around the globe.


Jenny's Diary | Archival Project (ON-HOLD/COMING LATER)

My great grandmother visited Czechoslovakia during the early 1970's and decided to write a diary while she was there. This is that diary.

For some context, my grandmother went there after being approached by an organisor who asked her if she'd put her house forward for the Ormesby Eisteddfod festival, which was a sort of international exchange of poetry, music, and other cultural differences. She agreed, and ended up making friends with a Czech family who stayed with her and invited her to come and visit them back in their home country, which she and her friend Anne Harvey did in 1973.


Outburst | Experimental Anonymous Text Board (Discontinued)

Outburst was an experimental text board I created with a friend in October 2016. The idea behind Outburst was to give people a truly anonymous platform where they could share their thoughts about anything and everything without fear of censorship.

Due to the nature of how Outburst worked, no data was collected on anyone who posted on the site, so we had no way of telling exactly how many active posters we had or how many people were visiting the site at any given time - That said, Outburst gained over 2,500 posts in its closed beta testing phase, and up until September 2020 gained a further 5,000+ posts, at which point the project was officially ended and the site was closed.