Hi, I'm Snooper.

I used to spend most of my time online making dumb websites and occasionally I even produced some non-dumb ones by accident. If you've somehow found your way here, there's a relatively good chance that you were pointed here by my slightly more well-known project, Peelopaalu where I share obscure, interesting, and sometimes outright weird websites I find in my travels around the internet. If you're into what I do for whatever reason, a Ko-fi donation or just an email to say "hi" is always massively appreciated!

Friends & Favourites:

Site Description
Koala Hospital A volunteer group that care for and rehabilitate injured and sick koalas in Port Macquarie NSW. purple-blep Looking to commission someone for art? Give purp a shout. Scraggleman Looking to commission some my little pony artwork for some reason? Give Scraggle a bell. He's a chill guy.